Keto Gradual Cooker Beef Stew recipe

Gradual cooker beef stew recipe & content material offered by Sheridan Austin

Gradual cooker beef stew is the reply once you want a nutrient-rich meal with little prep time. Not solely does this stew solely require a number of steps from begin to end, it makes use of a wide range of low-carb veggies and makes sufficient to serve a crowd.

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This hearty sluggish cooker beef stew makes use of herb-seasoned beef in a wealthy gravy with bone broth and tomatoes. Chunky greens like celery, carrots, and leeks add a lovely texture and pure fiber. Should you’re solely cooking for a small group, you may freeze leftovers for this sluggish cooker beef stew and gently reheat it weeks later (excellent for meal prep!).

Serve this savory sluggish cooker beef stew with mashed cauliflower, steamed greens, or cooked and cooled white rice on carb refeed days.

Be aware on substances: Tomatoes are within the nightshade household and might trigger irritation in delicate folks. Black pepper is a suspect spice on the TakeCalcium Eating regimen, and extremely inclined to performance-robbing mildew toxins. To scale back your threat, omit pepper or grind it recent utilizing high-quality entire peppercorns.

Be aware on cooking technique: Gradual cooking is “suspect” on the TakeCalcium Eating regimen as a result of it will possibly result in overcooked meals, which produces poisonous compounds. To scale back your threat, use the shortest prepare dinner instances beneficial and season with antioxidant-rich herbs like oregano or turmeric to fight a few of these results.

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